Formula One: Gentlemen, Start Your Conspiracy Theories!

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IJune 8, 2008

With Lewis Hamilton giving Kimi Raikkonen an early bath at the Canadian Grand Prix, conspiracy theories are floating around the internet that Hamilton wanted to take out Kimi in order to prevent him from taking a possible win.

While I'm not a subscriber in any manner, shape or form to conspiracies, I do know that there is a grain of truth in them, but that the grain is exaggerated in order to get attention; similar to how a small group of teenagers with no scientific knowledge on the internet use small anomalies to say that Bush and Co. masterminded the attacks of 9/11.

Anyhow, one such fan on the Facebook Formula 1 Picks application says that Lewis wanted to take Kimi out in order to prevent Kimi from regaining his lead over Hamilton. Of course, that is quite possible, you can't really discount that. However, you have to ask, who benefits from this? Lewis' race was effectively over, so he didn't score points, but Kimi didn't score points either, so it's situation neutral.

Another possible conspiracy theory that is floating around the web is that Lewis Hamilton saw that the light was red, and couldn't stop. Knowing that he would be crashing, he had to take one, or even two people in order to prevent him from losing his lead, so he targeted Kimi.

I would say that this one would be a fair assessment, but again, the questions have to be asked. Who benefits from this? Lewis certainly benefited because he didn't lose his lead to the defending world champion, but he did lose out to the up and coming Polish driver. Could that be seen as a possible reason?

Finally, the way that was seen on TV around the world was that it simply was a racing incident. Lewis Hamilton had a lapse of concentration, and had concern for the fact that his championship rival had entered his box later and finished earlier, thus he was trying to regain ground on a lost pole position.

In any manner, conspiracy theories about this incident and many others will be floating around, and this was just a weighing of the most popular ones found as a result of a Google-search. What would the general consensus be? Conspiracy or racing incident?