Ohio State Football: Hate it or Love it, They're Back for More

Bryan L.Contributor IJune 8, 2008

Let me apologize in advance college football fans, Ohio State has another shot to get back to the BCS Championship game this upcoming year. With the exception of a night game at USC in mid September, the Buckeye schedule has conference foe Wisconsin as the only other formidable opponent. 

Let's break down the worst case scenario, OSU falls to USC. The Buckeyes will be 2-1, most likely ranked in the middle of the Top 25 rankings. They will then be looking at nine straight wins, including wins over Wisconsin and Michigan.

This 11-1 record will be good enough, once again, for OSU to rumble into the title game. Who their opponent will be is still up in the air (This Big Ten fan can only pray it isn't another SEC powerhouse. i.e. Georgia Bulldogs). 

Another reason Ohio State will be packing for Miami this season will be because of the BCS committee. You may think otherwise, but the committee adores the Buckeyes. They are a team everyone loves to hate.

This equals hours and hours of discussion and articles on television and in newspapers. "How could OSU be allowed to get back to the championship game?" Newspapers will cry. Well the answer is easy, it's because the media's attention towards them equals higher ratings. 

And let's take a look at the Ohio State University. They have one of the largest enrollments in the country, which means a large endowment fund. The BCS committee loves the fact that OSU has one of the largest followings in the country. (Case in point, look at a tape of the 2002 championship game versus Miami and tell me how much scarlet and gray is in the stands).

I haven't even talked about OSU's talent because there is no reason to. They easily have the players to get back to the championship game. If you disagree, let me know. 

With their schedule, variables and talent, OSU has all the ingredients to be in their fourth title game in the last seven years.