Raptors Get Grizzled Out: That's One Burned, and 31 Left to Spread Around

Brad NortonCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2009

The Raptors got grizzled out last night in Memphis. Who actually seemed to be clicking, the crowd was going, I don't know, maybe the Grizzlies actually don't get kicked out of playoff contention in December this year.

I'd also like to say it's good to be Gay. Man, Rudy had some hops last night. That put back reverse dunk OH MY GOD!! That was honestly the dunk of the year, and the season just started.

He was jumping around like he just drank two cases of Rockstar. His big plays were sucking the life out of the Raptors, and putting it into the fans. Zach Randolph wasn't doing to shabby either.

For the Raptors DeRozan was also jumping around like a kid on crack. Grabbing a Chris Bosh air-ball all in mid-air, and slamming it home. Belinelli is continuing to look like an excellent pick up.

Bargnani and Bosh were a step down from their performance against Cleveland. While Turkoglu was a step up. i'm glad that the Raptors are going through growing pains now, instead of having a Meltdown in the middle of the season.

I don't know but, I just don't trust 3-0 record. A hot start isn't all it's cut out to be. As we saw last season. So, the Raptors find themselves with two games behind their belt and a 1-1 record.

Be sure to watch this Sunday's game vs Orlando on CBC.