Being a Phoenix Coyotes Fan Is Tough

Cameron PaulCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2009

I know the Phoenix Coyotes are only 12 games into the season, but they are off to their best start since the 2000-01 season. It is is very important for Coyotes to have a good start to the season is considering this past offseason was one of the worst the franchise and its fans.


I myself have been a fan of the team from the day they left Winnipeg. The first five seasons or so went great. For the past seven years, the Coyotes have served mostly as one of the laughing stocks of the National Hockey League.


Being from Winnipeg, I think it is even harder to be a Phoenix Coyotes fan. I constantly get heckled by family and friends on how bad of a team the Coyotes are. Well at least my brother is a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs so I get to heckle him a lotespecially this season with the Leaf's horrible start.


I actually have a few Phoenix Coyotes decals on my car to show that I'm a proud Coyotes fan. The people of Winnipeg dislike the Coyotes so much that someone put "Phoenix Sucks" stickers on the back of my car. The fact that someone actually took the time, effort, and money to put that on my car just shows you how much hatred Winnipegers have for the Coyotes.


A couple of weeks ago, I was wearing a Phoenix Coyotes jersey and a complete stranger came up to me and said "What a joke of a team. I wouldn't even want them to come back to Winnipeg, we want a real team." As usual, I just shook it off and went along my way.


I couple of years ago I remember the Winnipeg Free Press had a huge article about how big of a joke the Coyotes were. They also pointed out that the people of Arizona are not at all interested in the game of hockey. What makes this article even worse was the fact that it was published a couple of years before the Coyotes even claimed bankruptcy.


I definitely feel sorry for all the Coyotes fans in Arizona. I know that there are some die-hard Coyotes fans down there. They may not have the biggest crowds in Phoenix but they sure are loud, especially this season.


I guess one of the biggest keys to a successful franchise is putting a winning team on the ice and so far the Coyotes have done just that. Just recently a guy walked past my car and saw the "Phoenix Sucks" sticker on my car and said to me "Phoenix doesn't suck, they are actually doing pretty good."


So maybe winning is a key to getting Winnipegers change their opinion about the Coyotes.


In the end, I think it will always be tough to be a Phoenix Coyotes fan, especially in Winnipeg. If the Coyotes can keep on winning, it sure would make it a lot easier to be a fan. I am confident enough to say that things are looking up for the Phoenix Coyotes an its fans.