World Series Tied at One: Big Advantage Yankees

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2009

This World Series has been dominated by fantastic pitching which has plagued the sluggers in each lineup, emphasis on Ryan Howard and Alex Rodriguez. Now, as the Series shifts to Philly, those starting pitching matchups become a little uneaven. With the unbalance swinging in New York's favor.

In game three it will be Cole Hamels against veteran Andy Pettitte. So far Hamels, last year's World Series MVP, has been very shakey to say the least. He has allowed 20 hits and 11 runs in 14 and a third innings over three starts, sporting a 6.75 ERA, not to mention six homeruns. Pettitte has been good thus far as he always has been in the postseason, he has a 2.37 ERA and a 2-0 record, but maybe more impressive is the 15 K's and only three walks over three starts.

Maybe the most lopsided matchup of all could potentially be in game four. The Phillies will turn to Joe Blanton probably against CC Sabathia. No disrespect to Balnton or to Charlie Manuel but, "Are You Kiddin' Me?", Blanton is a good pitcher at his very, very best but more of an Average Joe. Of coarse Manuel could change his mind depending on the outcome of game three, but I think he hast to go with Lee again.

All this could mean absolutely nothing and both offenses bust out and put 15 runs on the board, but that's not how it usually turns out in the postseason. So far it's been a classic series, and I hope it does go seven because that would be great for the game of baseball.