Should NHL Players Have To Wear Visors?

Sam MayasichContributor IOctober 30, 2009

The question is should NHL players have to wear visors? I think it should be a rule stating that you have to wear one to play. You hear players saying it bugs them when they fog up and they don't like the feel of wearing one and the top excuse players usually say is, well I can't fight if I wear one. If players want to fight, take your helmets off! It's as simple as that, here in Sioux Falls we have a USHL team and they don't have a problem taking their helmets off and fighting, why should NHL players care. The other reasons are absolute crap, ever heard of a thing called anti-fog? 

Why would players want to risk losing their eyesight, look at Bryan Berard who was drafted first in the 1995 draft, he had a freak accident that left him blind in one of his eyes. He later came back and is still playing but I am sure that he wishes he could go back and simply screw on a half shield. Even Nicklas Lindstrom said he can't believe he went all those years without wearing a half shield, he said his injury was a real wake up call and made him think if he wants to keep playing, he'll need to think of his safety.

So players, do you really need a wake up call like some of these players had? Just suck it up and wear one, it's for your own good! They make them in all different styles and tints, so even the pickiest players can find one.