MMA: Small Organizations a Great way To See Live Events

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IJune 8, 2008

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to see live MMA events consider trying to find a small organization that holds fights in your area.  I recently attended a show by a small organization because my friend was fighting on the card.  I paid 20 dollars which was the cheapest seats. The cage side seats went for 100 dollars a piece.  While I was in the area farthest from the cage; the venue was small enough that I had a very good view of the action. Due to the size of the venue hosting the event I was probably about as far away from the cage as someone who is sitting 20rows back at a UFC event.  The event was an all amateur card with 14 fights.  Of the 14 fights only one went to a decision and about three others made it out of the first round.  The fights were all very fast paced and exciting which I think helped lead to so many first round stoppages.  While the competition level is not that of a UFC event it was still a good time and several of the fighters showed some great potential.  So if you want to see a live MMA for very little cost try and find a promotion that holds fights near you and go.  I don't think you will be disappointed.