University Of North Dakota Hockey: Classless

Sam MayasichContributor IOctober 30, 2009

Some people might say that I am just mad because the Sioux swept the Gophers a couple weeks ago and that I'm jealous of their talent. My response would be, I'd rather have the Gophers lose all of their games than have the reputation the Sioux has.

The Sioux have been know to stir things up when they play, but I think they've gone too far. The Sioux are out looking to start something with anyone and everyone, they have no respect for the game and for other teams. Two players come to mind when I think of the classless Sioux, Chay Genoway and Brad Malone. These two players are the worst on the team, don't get me wrong, they are talented but they think they are as tough as they come. For example, Chay Genoway runs his mouth like no other, but he can't back himself up and Brad Malone, with every little scrum he rushes in there like he is the enforcer, I got news for ya Brad, I can name about ten Gophers that would drop you in a heart beat, and I know they'd love to do it to. Personally I'd love to see the Gophers Seth Halgeson drop both of these players. Next series between these two teams I have a feeling things will get ugly. I'm sure the Gophers are going to come out with more pride and will hopefully come out with the series.