Chapter 9 – Iowa Persuades Voters with a Blowout of Indiana

IowaHawkBlog .comContributor IOctober 30, 2009

What an amazing year! That was easily the most exciting game we have played against Michigan State since the famous 4th down “Statue of Liberty” bootleg by the legendary Chuck Long.  Thank you Ricky and Marvin.  I can’t watch that final play enough. 


One thing that the national pundits don’t acknowledge it that Iowa can gain some serious ground on Texas by garnering more votes in the Harris and the Coaches polls.  If we can come out and dominate Indiana and put up a convincing score, the poll voters that don’t believe will start to move us up. 


The reason I believe this will happen is that while the injuries that we sustained in the MSU game are costly, it will help provide continuity to our offense.  With the loss of Colin Sandeman, the Hawkeyes will now have our 3 most dominant receivers on the field most of the time.  DJK, Marvin McNutt and Tony Moeaki are Ricky’s favorite targets. They will all have to be accounted for on every passing play. Trey Stross is no slouch either.


With the loss of Dace Richardson, Coach Ferentz will not be able to shuffle the line during the game and this will lead to more continuity in the running game.  True Freshman Brandon Wegher will reap the rewards of this and will finally have his first chance to get “lathered up” since the Iowa State game.  The Iowa Hawk Blog looks for him to be in the 150 yard range with 2 touchdowns.


Indiana’s offense is explosive but our defense, well what can I say?  We don’t need to talk stats this week.  I see this game ending in a blowout Iowa 38 Indiana 13.  Captain Kirk wins with sexy “style points”.


As an added bonus for the gambling crowd, the five star lock of the week is MSU -3.5 @ Minnesota.  The Golden Gophers are in for another beating.