Keep It Talkin : South Carolina Vs. Tennessee at Knashville

Sebastian PetersContributor IOctober 30, 2009

 Here we go, Its week 8 of College football and almost Halloween. There is going to be a good match up this Saturday agianst a Good Carolina team and a very talented Tennessee team. This is going to be an extremly intense game, with all of the hipe from both of the Coaches dislikes for eachother. They respect eachother, Just dont like eachother. Kiffin told (Star Freshman Reciver) Alshon Jeffery if he went to South Carolina he would end up pumping gas. Alshon has been pumping gas as we watch the numbers on the score board going up. Tennesse has a very good team, Holding on agianst some of the top dogs in the SEC, Tomarrow night is going to be a good night to remember. Im bringing a good group of people over to my house to watch it on the big screen. South Carolina is going to need to pick up their slack if they want to beat Tennessee, SC needs to establish the run game with a great freshman Miles, and have Garcia think clearly before he throws the ball. Yes, Alshon Jeffery is an amazing Reciver but please dont force him the ball especially when he is getting double coverage, INTERCEPTION does not look good on you record. If Alshon is on man-to-man coverage deffinatly pass him the ball. On Defense Norwood has been really quit? Expect Norwook to get a couple sacks on Saturday. Tennesse is the type team that no body really knows what they are going to do. Its almost impossible to prepare for a team like this. They have deffinatly impressed me and So has South Carolina on them slowly but surely picking up the pace on Offense and Defense.



Volvs(10) vs. Gamecocks (24)