MLB Draft: Kansas City Royals Nab a Proven Winner with No. 1 Pick

Tim GottschalkCorrespondent IJune 7, 2008

With the third overall pick in the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft, the Kansas City Royals picked a winner with Eric Hosmer.

Any sports experience matters, both physically and mentally. Eric Hosmer knows how to win in the game of baseball, or at least up to this point and time. Hosmer may not be at the same level that Michael Jordan was at his peak, but that is what makes Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan.

Yes, the Royals have struggled for the past two decades. However, general manager Dayton Moore is on the right track, drafting players with experience in winning and talent. Hosmer lifted his Florida High School baseball team at American Heritage to an impressive state title. Having the taste of success only drives a player to reach it more often, and as quickly as possible.

One question that is proposed in the draft of Hosmer is where will he fit in a Royals uniform in the future? Hosmer, who lacks slightly in speed, could be pushed into the outfield with two young potential superstars already at first and third base.

Between Hosmer and Billy Butler, who has been splitting time between Triple A ball and the majors, Hosmer is more likely of the two to be playing outfield. It will be unlikely that anyone takes Alex Gordan's spot at third, but with the Royals past nothing will be out of question. Regardless of what the future lineup will reveal, the important thing to remember as a Royals fan is that with drafts like this, there will be a future.