Favre: Optimistic or Back on the Pain Meds?

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Favre: Optimistic or Back on the Pain Meds?
Icon"I really feel like this is, as far as talent is concerned, the most talented team that I've been a part of as a whole."
These were the words spoken by Brett Favre Monday morning. I'm not sure which is more likely: that he is forgetting the 1997 team that won the Super Bowl, or how poorly he played last year. Perhaps when taking himself out of the equation, the team looks a bit better, but come on! Really, Brett, really?
He probably didn't forget the 1997 team, as he still has the ring as a clue. But maybe he forgot about last year's admittedly forgettable season. The plus is that despite it being his 15th season in the NFL, he had career highs in passing attempts (607), completions (372) and interceptions (a plus for Vikings fans- 29) in 2005. His completion percentage was nothing special (61.3%), his yards per attempt were his worst since 1993 (6.4 yds), and his Quarterback rating was an all-time low (70.9).
What does all this mean? It might mean that his arm is able to stand up to the pressure (as far as endurance is concerned), but with no accuracy and no running game, Favre had no choice but to keep the ball in the air - and the opposition's hands. Ahmad Green was kept with minimal usage for the five games he played in before he went on injured reserve for the year. Should Green stay healthy this season, Favre might get a little break from throwing really hard with no accuracy.
It's no secret that Favre has a cannon for an arm. While he is indeed an old man in the league at this point, he is still probably the last guy that you want to be catching passes from when the temperature starts to drop. With his loss in accuracy, it seems as though Favre is trying to compensate by throwing as hard as he possibly can. Now, I know these guys are getting paid a lot of money just to catch a ball and take a hit, but you would have to pay me a hell of a lot of cash to risk having my frozen hand shatter like the T-1000's at the end of Terminator 2.
Best team as far as talent is concerned? Favre might be getting a bit ahead of himself in that respect. His optimism is admirable, but it might be putting the cart ahead of the really old horse. Some of his optimism is stemming from the newly updated offensive scheme enacted by coach Mike McCarthy. The new offense is a version of the West Coast offense that former head coach Mike Holmgren ran a decade ago, focusing on short passes and selecting when to go for the big play, rather than relying on it. Hmm, short passes, huh? Trying to keep those interceptions under 29 this year, aren't ya?
A lot of this offense is going to rely on an unproven O-line, with the two rookies Daryn Colledge and Jason Spitz potentially starting at guards and third year player Scott Wells starting at center. But despite an unproven line, Favre has had nothing but good things to say about his wide receivers, who he thinks might just have what it takes to form a dangerous crew that can spread the field. Okay fine, but for now I don't think that Packer fans will have to get too ready for a glut of Lambeau leaps in the near future.
"It really is going to come down to guys making plays," Favre said. "No one really is ever wide open in pro football. There's not really any big holes to run through, and I don't see that changing. So it's going to come down to guys making tough plays."
"That's what this game is all about....it comes down to one or two plays, that's all. Those one or two plays can make you 4-12, 8-8, 10-6, whatever."

Sure Brett - especially when those two plays are interceptions.

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