Mavericks: How To Use Josh Howard and "High" in the Same Sentence

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IJune 7, 2008

I know this is old news, so I'm sure you all know about Josh Howard's marijuana use. This idea just came to me.

(Note: I know I am taking the low-class road. But this is just for fun and joking around. I'm just kidding around, and don't think marijuana is OK or acceptable in any way.)

So, lets get to it:

  • "Josh Howard drives to the hoop, and scores with his left hand. He is playing at such a 'high' level right now."
  • "Howard shoots, and makes the jumper. His confidence level has been extremely 'high' the last couple games."
  • "So, I'm just wondering how 'high' is Howard's trade value right now?"
  • "Josh Howard is so talented. He has a very 'high' ceiling. His upside is extremely 'high'."
  • "Ginobli drives, blocked by Josh Howard! Look how 'high' in the air he got to block that shot!"
  • "So, how would Josh Howard fit into a 'high-powered' offense?"
  • "So, would the Mavericks trade Josh Howard for a 'high' first-round draft pick?"

These are just some that came to my mind. Feel free to comment and rip me if you want to. Remember: this was done tongue-and-cheek. Not seriously.