Big Brown Suffers an Historic Flop

husker fanContributor IJune 7, 2008

Well, all this talk of a Triple Crown really fell apart fast.

Big Brown simply didn't have it today. And I doubt that we're going to see a Triple Crown winner ever again.

An undefeated horse with high hopes and a trainer guaranteeing victory all resulted in the first triple crown hopeful to finish dead last. It was like an "I give up" attitude mustered by Big Brown down the stretch.

So the question that Rick Dutrow Jr. will now face is, "Where did everything go wrong in the race?" Because, from what we saw, it was a complete reversal as the horse that won the Belmont was the same horse that previously lost to Big Brown by a wide margin.

What disappointed you the most about Big Brown's historic flop? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.