And The $64.00 Question Is..............

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And The $64.00 Question Is..............
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Is it better to have an open date or a cream puff opponent prior to a BIG game?  With the upcoming Alabama vs LSU game looming in 10 days Alabama is going through an open date and LSU plays a team, Tulane, it should beat with minimal difficulty.  Yes, I know the game is won on the field and not on paper.

- Open Date

Advantages: The team is able to heal bumps and bruises and refresh themselves mentally.  The coaches have an extra week to game plan and recruit.

Disadvantages: The team could lose focus due to the change in routine. 

- Cream Puff:

Advantages: The team maintains its in routine.  Bench warmers get some playing time.  The team can use some of the practice week to prepare for the BIG game while using a vanilla offense and base defense against the weak opponent.

Disadvantage: There is risk of injury to key players.  The coaches and players must be careful not to put too much emphasis on the BIG game and completely overlook the cream puff opponent.  If they do they risk finding themselves in another Troy (2008) game where they had to score 30 points in the last quarter to win.

We will have to wait until Nov. 7 for an answer.

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