EURO 2008: Brazil favourite

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IJune 7, 2008

Brazilian football is represented in five of the 16 European Championship teams: Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland and Turkey.

Moreover, the Portuguese team is handled by coach Luiz Philip Scolari, who took Brazil to their fifth world title in 2002.

Brazil produces so many stars that it does not have room for all of them on the canary side.

Six of them dispute Euro 2008 for other countries. Deco and Pepe are the main attractions for Portugal, run by Felipão.

There are yet four other Brazilians who have been called for the matches in Switzerland and Austria: Marcos Senna (Spain), Kuranyi (Germany), Guerreiro (Poland) and Mehmet Aurélio (Turkey).

Pepe: The 30 million euro man—initiated his career at Corinthians de Alagoas, at his native city Maceió, and passed through many second class clubs in Portugal, before winning the Superliga 2005-2006 for Porto.

In 2007, he was sold to Real Madrid for the high price which gave him his 30M nickname. 

On the very first day of Euro 2008 he has already opened the scoring for Brazil.