Sports Gets A Fresh Look

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2009

Discovered this evening, the sports page has a new fresh look.
The page is full of color and graphic logos of all of the main Boston sports teams in the top navigation bar, which gives easier access to your favorite sports team pages.
To find your favorite blog, click on the "More" button and a drop down menu will come up listing all of them along with the Globe columnists, and other sports and categories.
Another cool feature is quick access to all of the pro sports scores for MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Also an added tool is the GlobeSportsWire , which gives up-to-date news from the Globe newsroom.
Towards the bottom right hand side there are the multiple categories including Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, and Widgets.
But one bizarre twist; Why in the world is Tony Massarotti rooting for the Yankees in the World Series?
Mazz has officially been dubbed the most uncool Boston sports columnist ever and that's being quite nice.
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