Denver Broncos: Is Selvin Young a Few Steps From Stardom?

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IJune 7, 2008

We all should know by now that Mike Shanahan has a knack of bringing successful RBs to Denver.

Be it for the offensive scheme that he runs, be it for a well-built offensive line or just thanks to the ‘thin’ air that circulates in Denver; the fact of the matter is that any running back can be effective under Shanahan if willing to do the small things required.

However, Shanahan has never sat tight with any RB of his since Terrell Davis rushed for 2,008 yards in 1998.

This year, not only has a new starting RB emerged once again, but an interesting situation has risen as well. The Broncos just released RB Travis Henry because of numerous off-field issues that have surrounded Henry over the last several years and continue to occur.

Selvin Young, now the Broncos’ clear-cut No. 1 RB, has made it be known that his goal for 2008 is to rush for 2,000 yards, and Shanahan came right back at Young saying that he’d like to see him try.

Could that possibly mean that Selvin is in for a huge 2008 year? It sure sounds like it. Mike Shanahan also commented that Selvin is no longer a mere 10-15 carry-per-game RB, (he gained 729 yards in 15 spot-games for a 5.2 average last year) after discovering his mammoth workout routine in the spring.

Considering all this, it appears as if Selvin will take on 20-25 carries a game, and is challenging himself to reach 2,000 yards. Another important fact to note is that Young trailed only Viking’s Adrian Peterson (1,341) and Bill’s Marshawn Lynch (1,115) in the 2007 rookie RBs category as far as rushing yards are concerned. That was by starting only eight games.

If he does complete his goal, or at least finish remotely close, it would be madness for Shanahan to yet again switch to another RB for 2009. All signs point to Selvin Young having a big breakout year in 2008 and continue to produce for years to come if he reaches this milestone.

Jonathan Tudor is a fantasy football columnist at Fantasy Football