Defining Moments in Maple Leafs History, No. 4: Doug Gilmour Arrives

Dave McCarthyCorrespondent IJune 7, 2008

The year was 1991. Cliff Fletcher had just taken over as the general manager, for the first time, of a Toronto Maple Leafs team that was floundering at the bottom of the conference.

Fans were desperate for something to get excited about.

The acquisition of Doug Gilmour from the Calgary Flames midway through the 91-92 campaign proved to be just the turnaround the Leafs needed.
Fletcher acquired Gilmour as part of a ten player transaction that would serve as a catalyst in restoring the Leafs to a once again competitive hockey team.

Upon his arrival, Gilmour breathed new life into the team, with his heart, determination, and competitive sprit. Gilmour led the Leafs to the conference finals in 1993 only to have Wayne Gretzky come between them and a Stanley Cup finals appearance.

During that playoff run, "The Killer", as Gilmour became known, registered a staggering 35 points in 21 games. Throughout his time as a Leaf, Gilmour forged a place for himself in the hearts of Maple Leaf fans and has since become one of the most popular athletes in Toronto sporting history.

All sounds a little familiar seventeen years later. Who will Cliff Fletcher, now getting his second crack at turning around a floundering Maple Leafs franchise bring in during the summer of 2008 to reinvigorate the Maple Leafs once again?