Wake up ESPN

Dave Finocchio@@DaveFinocchioSenior Writer IMay 20, 2006

When did Sportscenter start looking like TRL?  Eh, who knows, but I'm pretty sure it was a while ago.... 

The material on the ESPN website has become predictably cheap and dumbed down.  I'm not saying that it's all bad, but there's just way too much crap floating around: unoriginal dumped out articles woven in tedious patterns of shit.  

Every time there is some sort of climax in sports, whether it be the NBA Finals, the Tour de France, Jerry Rice's retirement, and on and on, we have to sit through two days of overreaching and overblown questions and statements about the place in history of the topic at hand.  So for the sake of creativity and non-repetitiveness, please stop with the exaggerations of the magnitude of historical relevance.  We really don't need to compare the San Antonio Spurs to the Chicago Bulls, Lance Armstrong to Deion Sanders or Jerry Rice to Micheal Jordan.  It's fine to do it every once in a while, but this stuff is happening almost every day and it is boring die hard fans to tears.  

This awful trend stems from the popularity of the Sports Century lists produced by ESPN in 2000.  Nowadays, it seems like there has to be a list for everything; "Airing this Monday, the top five reasons you can't blame Adolph Hitler for the Holocaust."  Enough is enough.  Don't get me wrong; I enjoy lists as much as the next guy, but this stuff is really starting to rub me the wrong way. 

So ESPN - please stop playing to part time fans.  You are turning sports into a mockery.  It is bad enough that every analyst who has ever graced your network's presence has become a national celebrity.  It's time to get your head out out of the clouds; you've taken the glamour gig too far.   




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