TNA Vs. WWE: Is This Another WWF Vs. WCW?

Zohair Khan@@HearT_Thr0bbContributor IOctober 28, 2009

This morning on 28th October, I woke up to read some of the most shocking pieces of news I believe all of you wrestling fans have read about aswell. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff signing with TNA wrestling. Indeed shocking.

Pro Wrestling has taken a pretty interesting turn with this. Having Hogan on your roster can not only raise you're popularity, but gets you wide media coverage. It certainly is the first step for TNA to be the BIG thing now.

But has'nt this happened before. Back in 1994, the same had happened with WCW when they signed Hulk Hogan to thier roster, and other big names followed.

Another interesting thing to note is that the other person who has been signed with TNA was also a major part of the success of WCW.....Eris Bischoff!!

Eric Bischoff has really played a big role in Pro Wrestling history without a doubt. He has been the person responsible for some of the huge things that happened in WCW. In the Business point of view, this is a really smart move by TNA. I don't deny that he was also, in part, responsible for the downfall of WCW, but he knows the business from the core. I don't think hes going to repeat any of those mistakes. What I am waiting to see is how Vince Russo's involvement with TNA is affected.

Some other news pouring in, this morning, was that TNA is planning to go head-to-head with Monday night RAW with another show of its own. Also, Will Ric Flair sign with TNA considering his connections with Hogan in the Hulkamania tour in Australia next month.

Looking at the existing roster of TNA, we already have 3 or 4 people back from the WCW days. Kevin Nash, Scott Stiener, Sting. It really does give the same picture.

Now, if we see this as a replication of the Monday night wars, will this be a good idea? And will the WWE be the victor of these wars again?