International Rugby: Lawrence Dallaglio, World Legend

Jonathon MurphyCorrespondent IJune 7, 2008

umm.... where do i start.

As most know Lawrence Dallaglio played his last ever game of rugby a week ago. This was in a club record attendance of 81600. This man was an absolute legend through out of his career.

He has played for Wasps and England throughout his career and never looked back from a day when a tragic thing happened. In Dallaglio's teens he lost someone very close, his sister, she was on board the marchioness when it sank on the River Thames. This is a tragic tale and tale that has pushed Dallaglio to his best. Anyone who has faced that much in his life and had an amazing sports career deserves all the credit in the world. This man is an inspiration to others across the world he has put his heart and soul into rugby and hasn't boast about.

This man is my role model and should also be yours to.