Hello My Name Is.......Mr. Smith

Jonathan TrinidadContributor IOctober 27, 2009

So this is the re-introduction of Alex Smith; the baby faced QB from the University of Utah; who was 4 years removed from being the overall # 1 pick in the 2005 Draft.

Former 49ers Head Coach Mike Nolan thought he'd bring back the winning days in 49er country; but he was wrong. Since being canned last year by the management; the other Mike; Coach Singletary has promised old school ethics; and hitting the opponents in the mouth.

So far Coach Singletary sits on a 3-3 record this season thus far. This wasn't what I expected; and so far I'm disappointed. The answer to our problems; isn't Alex Smith; Shaun Hill; or even Nate Davis; it's walking the walking and talking the talking.

Coach Singletary keeps yapping away about how the run is the way to go; but hello we need a freaking QB who can throw the damn ball too!

So is Alex Smith the answer to our prayers for winning games? All I can say is; let's wait and see; because I promise you 49er faithful; once he throws one too many interceptions; then Shaun Hill or even Nate Davis will be put in as his replacement.

No more talking 49ers; just show us some wins; and Coach Singletary; please stop making promises you can't keep.