Germany Will Triumph Again!!

michael croninCorrespondent IJune 7, 2008

I am looking forward to seeing this tournament unravel without having to shout crazy things at my TV as England flatter to deceive as usual.  An impartial watch for me, quality.  So who is going to win their groups, who will underachieve, who will win the tournament and who will end up as top scorer?


Group A will see the Portuguese dominant with the Czechs coming second on goal difference.  Although I would love to see Switzerland come good as a host nation, it will not happen.  I do think that they will defeat Turkey who will finish last this time. 


Group B will see a German victory with Croatia second, losing only to the German machine.  Poland and Austria will end up on 1 point each having shared a draw.  Again for the sake of the tournament, it would be nice to see Austria progress, but they are making up the numbers I am afraid.  Has there ever been such a poor host in terms of quality of the team? 


The “Group of Death” will see the Italians winning, with the Dutch taking second from France, just.  Romania sadly will win no matches.  The most compelling game will be France vs Italy in a rematch of World Cup 2006.  There will be bad blood as France duck out of the tournament at this stage.  Expect much more from Benzema and Ribery next time round.


Group D will see Spain through as group champions before they falter as per normal, with Sweden through in second place.  The holders have never won this tournament back to back and Greece will not be the ones to change this.  Russia will be awarded with the wooden spoon.


Quarter finals

Portugal will power through against the Croats.  Both teams are excellent passing sides with good quality defences.  The Portuguese will win out with their attacking flair.  Expect Ronaldo to be selfish enough to put all his transfer talk aside to concentrate on shooting Portugal through. 

Germany will edge out the Czechs though it will be close.  Kuranyi and Klose will both have a good tournament.  Watch out for a masterclass from Ballack.

Italy will destroy Sweden in this match.  Expect Toni to finish with the golden boot and to help twist the knife as Sweden are truly outclassed.

Spain will lose to Holland in this match up of the perennial underachievers.  It will be class but van Nistelroy will outshoot Torres this time round


Semi Finals

Germany will beat Portugal.  It will be close but Germany never seem to lose penalty shootouts.

Italy will beat Holland in another close match to set up another mouth watering clash against the old enemy.   


Final – Germany will defeat Italy and gain revenge for Semi defeat at World Cup 2006.  It will be close but I hope that we do not have to wait until the last few minutes of extra time for goals this time around.


The golden boot will go to Toni, with Kuranyi, van Nistelroy and Gomes pushing close.

Watch out for Spain missing more chances than any other nation.