England Football: Blame the Players, Not the Manager

Jonathon MurphyCorrespondent IJune 7, 2008

Why does everyone give managers a hard time?

When a team is playing bad we straight away blame the manager but it's not the manager on the field. Yes okay the manager plays a part in the working of the team but he can't control how much effort a player puts in when he is playing.

Yes it helps having a distinguished manager with experience in the game but when things go bad the players aren't sacked the manager is.

This is like the England job many managers have come and many have gone because according to the F.A they don't cut it. But even when a new inspiring manager comes along its still same old England.

I believe people do not put in the effort not the manager the players! Also i think chairman's ask too much of there manager he cannot pull off miracles overnight.

Overall it comes down to an important question. Are football players paid too much money, well the answer frankly is Yes!

They are still paid even if they play absolute rubbish, they still get there £100,000. I think unless their performance is good they shouldn't get paid, simple as that.

I'm a keen lover of football but why are managers given a hard time and the players not!

Think about it!