Husker Football: What Is Going Wrong (A Fans Standpoint)

Jon TheisContributor IOctober 27, 2009

The Nebraska Football, as of late has been having a hard time to impress it's fans. With the recent offensive struggles against Iowa State, and Texas Tech many are left to wonder: What is Going Wrong?

Well the simplest answer is, our offense can't score. Why? Well there are many explanations such as: 1.) Our quarterback has recently struggled to get the ball to his receivers. 2.) When a pass is with in our receivers range they forget to catch it. 3.) Our offensive play calling has been so predictable that everyone keys on the run and we gain no yards.

So what can be done to fix these problems? Well the whole quarterback situation has been an on-going progress since the VA Tech game, with the receivers I honestly don't know what to say, It's good to see that guys like Kinnie and Bell getting time because it appears that guys like Paul and Holt don't want to catch the ball, and as for play calling the simplest solution is to fire the O.C. now is that going to happen? Who knows it's Bo's call honestly either way something needs to be done.

I really do hope that we can turn this season around, and I do see us still winning games but it's going to take some changes.