Week 13 in Atlanta. Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Atlanta Falcons

Michael BowersoxContributor IOctober 27, 2009

Week 13 in Atlanta is going to be a tough and good one. The Eagles fortunately have the ex Falcon superstar Mike Vick and the Eagles are looking to c capitalise. With all due respect the Falcons have a good team, BUT I personally don't think the Falcons have what it takes to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. The game is scheduledto be played December 6th at 1pm EST.

Now my opinion on what the team should do is, Andy Reid should play Vick at least 12 plays per half. The Eagles offense will have to play the ball more on the ground then in the air for this game, and the defense will need to look for the pass allot more with the Falcons then the run. We all know that the Eagles defense can stop the run vary easily. On the other hand the Falcons have a decent offense, with Matt Ryan, Michael Jenkins, Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez, but they don't have enough to take on the Philadelphia Eagles defense including Trent Cole, Sheldon Brown, and Asante Samuel.

Other wise the Eagles Offense will be a real tough act to keep up with. Starting is Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin. Along with Michael Vicks' debut back in Atlanta I'm sure Andy Reid will play Vick several times. In other words if Andy Reid is smart he'll play vick in this game to get his publicity back.