Will Seth Curry Be a Better Pro Than His Brother Stephen Curry?

Dedrick HendrixCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2009

If you have not heard yet, superstar Stephen Curry has a younger brother who can also play a little bit. Seth, a freshman guard, has out shot his brother this year in a couple of different ways: more 3-pointers made (52 to 46) and shooting a better percentage (40.9 to 35.9). Now, undoubtedly Seth hasn’t played the preseason schedule that his brother has at Davidson, and he does not garner the attention that Stephen receives. But, this does not mean that Seth has it easy. He is averaging just about 20 ppg and is clearly the main concern for opposing defenses every night. His record against Division 1 teams is 19-12 so he did play some good teams.

 As a matter of fact I think he will end up being a better pro than his brother, because he has an all-around that already as a freshman at Liberty, was unstopable. It will be interesting to see how good he is at Duke as a sophmore. I think that if he stays all four years, then, he will end up being better than his brother. See let's face it, this kid has talent. He isn't quite as good of shooter as his brother but has good ability to get to the bucket and finish. And just realize he is only going to be a sophmore. He could possibly be the leader to finally lead Duke to another championship.