San Francisco Giants: Trimester Grades

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IJune 6, 2008

Here we are, past a third into the season, and its time to hand out some grades. Living out here in the Bay Area and getting a lot of Giants coverage, I'll break down the Giants.

Note: I don't have the time to write about every single player. I'm just touching on the bigger names and more important players.


Barry Zito: D-. Zito started 0-8 and had an ERA over 6. Since Zito was "moved to the bullpen", also known as skipping one start, Zito has gotten one win and pitched well. Zito has had some quality starts and allowed much fewer runs. That improvement raises his grade from an F to a D-.

Matt Cain: C. Matt Cain has a lot of talent, but has struggled at times. Cain has been shelled a few times and has had absolutely horrible starts. But Cain at times is still a victim of no run support. Cain at times looks dominant, and at other times horrible. The good and the bad even out to a C.

Tim Lincecum: A+.This guy's nickname is "The Franchise", and Lincecum is living up to the nickname. He is single-handedly winning game after game for a horrible team. He is in the zone, and is shutting down every lineup he faces. It is not an exagerration to say this guy has Cy Young potiential. The vibe at the stadium whenever he pitches is unlike any other pitcher.

Jonathan Sanchez: B+.Sanchez has been excellent, for the most part. He almost always goes deep into the game and allows 2 or less runs. Sanchez has great "stuff", and has off-the-charts potiential. The only reason he doesn't get an A is a few occational bad outings. 

Patrick Misch: C.For 5th starter standards, Misch isn't horrible. But he gets shelled too often to be considered a top of the rotation pitcher. Misch has limited ability, but for his role, you could do worse.


Tyler Walker: C-.Walker has had some horrible outings at times. He for the most part is a good pitcher. But occational bad outings cost the Giants dearly.

Keiichi Yabu: B.Yabu is a good long reliever. He does mop-up duty and occationaly eats up innings during Giants losses. Yabu has pitched well, and has giving the Giants good productive innings.

Brian Wilson: A-.Wilson leads the NL in saves. At times though, Wilson makes it too close for comfort by getting in trouble then getting out of the mess he himself created. Wilson at times is shaky, but he is definitely a bright spot for a bad team. There is no doubt Wilson has a role on this team for years to come.


Bengie Molina: A. Bengie has been on an absolute tear lately. Bengie has been hitting for average and power. Bengie is driving the ball and is locked in right now. He is great catcher for the pitching staff and is the heart and soul of the Giants. Bengie is a leader and an example for the rest of the team to follow.

Aaron Rowand: A.He is hitting over .330 right now, and provides good defense. Rowand is also hitting for power, something the Giants desperately need. Rowand is a great leader, and all in all, is proving the Giants right for giving him the big contract.

Fred Lewis: B. Lewis has showed flashes of brilliance. He can run, steal bases, hit for power, hit for average, and play good defense. Lewis is raw, but at times he has shown potiential that has Giants fans excited about his future. Fred Lewis is a good young player the Giants will definitely keep in their future plans.

Randy Winn: B. Winn is getting hot, and has raised his average over .300. Winn is a solid bat in the lineup, and has shown that he has value. Winn has definitely exceeded expectations.

There you have it. My thoughts. Feel free to comment and rip me.