NFL Week Seven: Top Seven Plays

Greg RiotAnalyst IOctober 26, 2009

In the Nicks of Time

With the Giants and Cardinals locked in a tie with two minutes left in the first half, Eli Manning launched a ball in Mario Manningham’s direction which was batted in to the air by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. It was a great play by the Cardinals defensive back…except that it deflected right into the hands of Hakeem Nicks who hauled it in for a 62-yard score to put the Giants up 14-7 going into the break.


Reggie Bush Soars Six Yards for Six

The double-reverse play is always nauseating for a fan. It either breaks out for a huge gain, or gets mauled in the backfield for a terrifying loss of yards.

But when Reggie Bush got the ball, he sprinted up the sidelines and dove over a Dolphin defender from the six yard line, propelling himself into the end zone for the score.

The play created some awkward tension at the new Odom-Kardashian house where Khloe asked hubby Lamar, “Why don’t you ever do that? Don’t you, like, jump for a living or something?”


Crazy…Like A Fox!

Brett Favre was poised to make the announcing team gush with the winning score just 18 yards away. Instead, Chester Taylor freaked out when Brett Favre dumped the ball into his face and Keyaron Fox returned the interception 82 yards for the game winning score.

Almost as remarkable was offensive tackle Phil Loadholt chasing down Fox and nearly catching him at the goal line. Loadholt's weight: 343 goddamn pounds.


Dirty Sanchez Munches Raiders on Field, Hot Dogs on Bench

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly a “play”, but that’s just how ridiculous the 38-0 skunking of the Raiders got to be.  A shot of rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez keeled over with a hat pulled over his brow revealed that he was on the bench stuffing a hot dog in to his mouth…during the game. He tried to cover it up and hide the fact, but the cameraman caught him in the action.

My question is: How the hell did he get the hot dog? Did the trainer give it to him? “No, Mark, you really would prefer to eat a granola bar or a banana right now. A hot dog? Seriously? Those things are like $7 here! Fine. I think I have some change in my car. What? You want everything on it? Now you’re being ridiculous!”


Romo Sheds Tackles, Haters

On the 12 yard line, the pocket around Tony Romo completely collapsed and four guys had clear shots at Romo. Instead, Tony made Romosexuals out of the entire defensive line from Atlanta and shed three tackles to throw a five-yard touchdown to Patrick Crayton. The play gave Dallas a decisive 17-7 lead heading in to halftime and put Dallas back in favor with its betting faithful.


Ricky Williams Burns Saints, Not Joints

Ricky Williams broke out a 68-yard touchdown run against the Saints to put the Dolphins up 14-3 in the first quarter. The former burnout instead burned down the Saints, scoring three touchdowns and racking up 80 yards on the day in the loss.


LaDanian Gets Stuffed Four Times in a Row

Last week, LDT was grumbling like a spoiled brat on the sidelines about Darren Sproles getting the goal line carries. Granted, a 5'6", 185-pound back-up should NEVER get those carries (read: Ray Lewis, Week Three) in the first place, but LDT did absolutely nothing to bolster his case in the second and third quarters.

On two consecutive attempts from the two yard line, LDT was stuffed by the Chiefs. In the third quarter, a touchdown was nullified on an illegal substitution penalty.

Norv Turner then said “screw it” and went for it four times with Tomlinson from inside the KC two yard line and Tomlinson was rejected more times than Richard Heene by TLC.