The 2010 NFL Draft: Chiefs Are High Up Once Again

Noah BerceyContributor IOctober 26, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 25:  Quarterback Matt Cassel #7 of the Kansas City Chiefs gets up slowly after being sacked by the San Diego Chargers during the game on October 25, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Let's be honest shall we? The Draft...hasn't been one of the Kansas City Chiefs greatest allies the past couple of years. Let's put it this way, take a gander at the annual Draft Day Party in KC. Remember the happy smiling faces of the fans? These days your bound to hear things like: ''Lord let's just have a decent first round...please?''. As a Chiefs fan it's embarrassing to hear words like that from a fellow fan's mouth. Draft Day should be a time when men sit down and watch their team reload for the future. Not for us fans of teams like Kansas City, instead we sit on our couches biting our nails and saying to ourselves ''Help me Scott Pioli, your my only hope''. So I've decided to take it upon myself and step into the GM's shoes, placed in the war room with various notes strewn across the table. It's time to draft the way Chiefs fans want to draft, making the draft fun again. So without further ado, I give you our 2010 full seven round mock draft, Chiefs style.

Round 1: Eric Berry S, Tennessee
Round 2: Arrelious Benn WR, Illinois
Round 2: Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa
Round 3: Eric Norwood OLB, South Carolina
Round 4: Noel Devine RB, West Virginia
Round 5: Jordan Shipley WR, Texas
Round 6: Eric Olsen OG, Notre Dame
Round 7: Cody Slate TE, Marshall

Here's my analysis of each pick:

Round 1: Honestly guys I understand that he may not come out and that he'll be in the discussion for the No.1 overall spot but, seriously this guy is a MAN.
I have watched just about each and every moment of our Chiefs games and from what I've seen we lack 1 overall factor, 1 thing that sets us apart from the other 31 teams in the league, and 1 thing that almost every other team has that we don't. It's not a superstar offensive lineman or a HOF running back. We lack that player that when he's on the field you get that warm feeling inside sitting in the frozen stands of the stadium and say to yourself: We've got a chance. Basically we lack someone that scares people, that makes the other team glance at him even if he's broken his leg and is begging to get back into the game. Eric Berry is that someone, he's a playmaker, ball hawk, Ed Reed clone, monster hitter, and most importantly he's smart. I mean Dwayne Bowe is really talented and Derrick Johnson is a future pro bowler, and even Matt Cassell is starting to look good. However, it's time to draft someone that will make an impact from day one, someone that like I said scares the daylights out of receivers when they go up for the ball. Please spare me the ''He wouldn't wanna come here'' or ''It's not a perfect situation to be in''. Seriously? Was Atlanta the perfect situation for Matt Ryan to be in? Maybe from a lack of talent stand point however, how you like to take over for one of the most hated quaterbacks at that time?

Round 2: I get the fact that this is extremely unlikely and that he also may not declare for the draft however, people need to see this kid play. My goodness I don't think I've seen a more underrated and untalked about player. I've seen him in tons of mock drafts go in the 1st round to the 3rd. Are you kidding me? I'll be on my hands and knees praying that these first two picks work out and call me a dreamer but, this pick is a good dream to have. Benn is the type of receiver that makes plays without killing himself. He's strong, has great hands and capable speed. Best of all he has a winning attitude even though he plays on a team that is never gonna finish above 12th in the Big 11. (LOL get it? 12th in the Big 11? No...OUCH sorry Illinois fan. Geez I was only joking.)

Round 2 (Pick 2):

YAY YAY! I know right? Finally some help for that hard to watch, getting worse everyday, sloppy, and who the hell is playing our right tackle filled offensive line. Okay we'll most of that was true and the fact is we need some serious help up front. They say defense wins championships right? We'll they do and I'm not one to go against that statement but, wow I think that the O line at least needs some attention. Whether your making a run at the Super Bowl or like us your attempting the always fan dreaded rebuilding project your offensive line needs addressing.
Bulaga is another guy who could remain for his senior season and he's the guy that I'm most scared will do just that. Hopefully if Iowa makes the Rose Bowl or something he'll understand that there is simply a 1 - 500 chance that Iowa has another season like that in the near future. He's big, mean, powerful, and very smart. I hear ya people, not too many Chiefs players that fit that description huh?

Round 3:
Being physical and playing your heart out isn't easy in the NFL. It's even harder if your a rookie and trying to prove how good you are. Eric Norwood needs little proving as to how good he is. Now I'm not one to throw facts, stats and junk like that at people. Well, actually yes I am but you've really got to hear this one. During his collegiate career, he has recorded more tackles for losses and more sacks than than any player in school history. That's not a bad place to be considering some of the players that came through SC and some of the great SEC linebackers. I understand everyone's argument that's likely to spring up. You know the one that the includes him not being an impact player right away or that we have plenty of linebackers. Okay don't kid yourself with the last one, we may have plenty but, plenty of players that make you stop and say: ''Which little college did he go to?''. Bottom line is, this pick is about depth and depth is something above all else (even Eric Berry) that I think we need.

Round 4: Dwarf, little, tiny, stumpy, and of course midget. Offensive? Unsettling? Mean? Yes those words could be used to describe that list of names that are often said of short(er) people. Now I highly doubt that Noel Devine has been called any of those names but, with the way people talk about him you might think he has. Listed on most sites at 5'8 176 lbs, Devine has always been considered the little guy. The player that is super fast, has a big heart, yet sadly can't handle the NFL's grind. Guess what fellow Chiefs fans? Neither can half the players on our team, Ouch. Yikes. Yep I bet that one stung a bit. Didn't think I'd go there did ya? Well I did and for good reasons. Devine runs around a 4.34 dash time. Guys come on pick up your jaws I know we haven't seen that kind of speed on our team since the 60's but come on your embarrassing us. He's tough, durable, and he's a flat out spark plug. He may never be more than a 2nd down pitch to the outside runner but, my goodness who the heck else do we have on the team that is? *Crickets chip* Didn't think so, I think it's time we pull an Al Davis and grab the guy that has the fastest combine time for once, only we do it in the proper round. Hehe. 

Round 5: Phew we've made to the fifth round, scared and nervous are the fans of Kansas City. They seem to be enjoying it, just a little. It's about to get even better and it starts with the Chiefs picking a guy who can line up and be an actual slot reciever. No offense to Bobby Wade but, we need some actual talent. I'm not saying Jordan Shipley will make us the best at the position, I'm just saying it'd be nice to have a guy that played six years of college football. Why the dark looks? That's more than about 20 players on our current roster played in colege. He's fast, has decent hands, and best of all he comes to us with a winning attitude. Stop and think about it for a second, it may a depth pick but it's a nice one.

Round 6: Toughness. A word that used to describe the way we saw our team play football. It's currently being used to describe our head coach and I think it's time he drafted a player that resembles himself. Eric Olsen may not wow anyone with his physical presence (although he should) and he may not be the Russel Okung of the draft. However he has a great attitude about himself, decent blocking skills, and he'd be a fine addition to that stinky offensive line we put on the field. I mean just look at his photo, cave man anyone? He's also someone that I think if we get into training camp right away could develop into a solid #2 behind Brian Waters (Who by the way is the most whiny player on our team besides Larry Johnson, get out already and leave us alone).

Round 7: Quick, someone name our 2009 starting TE's? No grandpa Tony got traded to Atlanta, and no Vols fan it's not Brad Cottam. Sean Ryan and a few other hobos are who we've decided to line up alongside the O line. Not pretty is it? Cody Slate is another one of those players that about half the country outside of West Virgina have never heard of. There a number of reasons as to why that may be true but, it's time to wake up. He's got skills and although like many other players his stats won't reflect his play he's does a lot for his team. I don't doubt that this will be everyone's worst pick for us but, I don't really care. I've seen him play more than once live and I like what I see. Yes guys he's another risk...a risk that might just crazy enough to work.

That wasn't so bad was it? Alright maybe it was but, I bet it made some people grin.