THIS Is MY Football Fantasy Team, And I am STILL Losing!

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IOctober 26, 2009

For my Yahoo fantasy football, what would you think when this is your team:

QB – Peyton Manning

WR – Reggie Wayne

WR – TJ Hou-wizzie

WR – Steve Smith ( Of the NY Giants Flavor )

RB – Frank Gore

RB – Adrian Peterson

TE – Dallas Clark

Kicker & Defense: New England Patriotas!

You would think, after seven weeks, that my team would be 4-3? 5-2? Undefeated? This is a 10-team league, so there is a lot of depth. But let’s be honest; has any of us seen a team like this, and expect a 3-4 record?

I am getting killed this week, because my opponent has Tom Brady. This is the only day where he isn’t getting any love from me.