Forcier Takes Responsibility for Michigan's Loss

The WolverineCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2009

"I think we're beating ourselves," Forcier said. "There are reads I'm not making that we need to be making."

"I want to play the way I'm capable of playing," Forcier said. "I want people to expect me to play the way I played in the first part of the season."

Coach Rodriguez, perhaps benefiting from years of experience, pulled back the ropes and issued some words of caution, "We should not expect too much too soon. I think sometimes you have a little success and people say your freshman year is over. It's not over."

It was clear that Forcier was just one of perhaps a dozen players who made big mistakes over the course of Saturday afternoon. Whether it was dropped passes, missed assignments, substitution errors, fumbles, interceptions, missed reads, or poor snaps, everyone was responsible. The mental approach this team takes this week will likely dictate whether Michigan finishes 5-7 or 8-4.