Yankees Vs. Phillies World Series. Is It Ment To Be??

Michael Bowersox@@17850representaContributor IOctober 26, 2009

Its all true, New York will be playing Philadelphia in the 2009 World Series. The first pitch will be Wednesday night. The starting Pitcher for the Yankees is to be CC Sabathia. We all know that the Yankees have a good starting line up with Derek Jeter. Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posoda and Hideki Matsui, but the other players need to step up the activity a little more such as Jonny Damon, Freedy Guzman and Nick Swisher. Other then that I think the Yankees will pull off with a World Series win.

On the other hand the Phillies will make it a hard series for the Yankees, and I think it will possibly go all 7 games. If you disagree with me please let me know and let me know what you think the outcome of the games will be. I would love your feedback on this article and some pointers for future articles.