BYU Defense…How good are they?

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BYU Defense…How good are they?

This weekend confirmed a suspicion that I have had for a little while, and it breaks my heart to say it…

…Our defense just isn’t that good.  We played the perfect game against Oklahoma and I was so proud of those guys, but the fact of the matter is, in the last 2 seasons with almost identical lineups, we are not good on that side of the ball.

In the last two season our Defense gives up an average of 23 points/game.  The previous 2 years we only gave up more than 23 points 6 times in 26 games, and one of those was in double overtime, and the last TD in the SDSU game came against the reserves.  In 16 of those 26 games the D held the opponent to 17 or less points.

I am not even going to write much about it, but I would like to hear what the fans think, and maybe answer some questions.

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