He's Baaaack: Larussa Resigns, Along With Big Mac Himself

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2009

11 Mar 2000:  Mark McGwire #25 of the St. Louis Cardinals stands ready at bat during the Spring Training Game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Jupiter, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman  /Allsport


I knew it would happen. Ok, now just lets analyz guys. We got Pujols, Ludwick, Ryan, Schumaker, Rasmus, and Yadi for sure. Most likely Holliday With Wano, Carp, Lohse, McClellan, Franklin, and the rest of the bullpen that was important for sure. We got Tony, Marty, McKay, Jose, Pettini, and...McGwire????

Say what? Really? Cool. Thats right. Cool. I like Big Mac. Good player, with or without steroids. He loved the game. He works with most of these guys in the offseason so it won't be much to get them all working together as a team with chemistry.

I like it. Good job Mozeliak, best thing youve ever done. Your getting better at this.