Penn State Game Recap

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Penn State Game Recap
What can you really say after a game like that? For the first half of the season, consistent drive killing mistakes and blown defensive assignments were the exception and not the rule. Yesterday's game changed that. No one (particularly on offense) wanted to make a play. You can't blame it on the weather because Penn State made plays. For whatever reason, the Wolverines weren't where they needed to be mentally. Did last weekend's destruction of Delaware State give them a false sense of confidence? Did David Molk's early injury shake the core of the offense's confidence? There are really more questions than answers about yesterday's performance.

But not all is lost in Wolverine land. Remember that this offense was the best in the Big Ten coming into the game. And we played the league's best defense. Where the youthful Wolverines are at mentally this week will likely dictate the results of the remaining games.

I thought Penn State called an excellent game plan offensively. I thought we beat ourselves in large part while on offense, but I was so impressed with the ability of Clark and company to find the right mismatches in critical situations. They played to our glaring defensive weaknesses in the middle and back of the field. And it worked.

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