My Thoughts On The 2010 New York Mets: Second Base

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIOctober 25, 2009

Last off-season, second basemen, Orlando Hudson let everyone know that he would love to play for the New York Mets. Sadly enough, he did not come to the Big Apple in 2009.

Instead, he headed over to Los Angeles to play with the Dodgers. The Mets were stuck with aging Luis Castillo. Many Mets fans were getting on Castillo. Bad things were expected from him in 2009.

He proved us wrong, but not until he proved us right. After he made his famous dropped pop up in the Yankees vs Mets game that allowed the Yankees to win the game, he turned it on and kept it going the rest of the season.

That event was kind of like a spark plug for Castillo. He had a pretty solid year.

He finished the season with a .302 batting average, along with 12 doubles and 40 RBI. Not too bad, he had a great season and I hope that Mets fans recognize that.

But, despite his great season, I believe that it is time to let him go. His trade value probably won't get any higher than it is now later in his career. This is the time to trade Castillo, and make room for Orlando Hudson.

I believe that the Mets shouldn't be picky in trading Castillo. They should just look for the best offer, and if that is a couple of B or C prospects, then so be it. 

I believe that Castillo's contract has around eight million left on it, and most teams won't have a problem with that if the Mets help pay some of it. 

If the Mets can get rid of Luis Castillo then I totally believe that they should go after Orlando Hudson. They are getting a second chance at acquiring and they can't mess it up this time.

Hudson should be pretty cheap, no more than five million I think. If the Mets can sign Orlando Hudson he would bring so much to the team. Not only his great ability to bat and field his position but also his personality.

Hudson is a great team leader. 

He loves the spotlight and he makes those around him better. I don't know what else the Mets can ask for in a second basemen. I respect Castillo, but it's time to trade him while we can because his value will be decreasing with age.

Orlando Hudson is one of my favorite second basemen and he is one of the best defensive second basemen. One of the Mets biggest problems last year was their defense and Hudson can help that a lot.

More double plays would be turned and less errors which means more wins. More wins means more happy fans; you get where I'm going with this? The Mets don't get many second chances, so they must capitalize on this one.