Raiders Destiny and Respect Lie In Unity

kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 25, 2009

 Recently I saw photos of football players huddled in prayer. Those scenes always touch me somewhere deep inside with a deep reminder of how it should be. Athletes coming together for one common cause thats more important than their own individual desires. Some call it teamwork, some call it a collective consciousness, some say it's family. We as individuals no matter how strong and powerful, can only accomplish so much on our own. Bonded together... we become more than we could have by ourselves, and more than we imagined we could be. You feed off of each others energy and raise up those who fall into the trap of doubt. It's like the analogy of the weak link in the chain.

 Football is a microcosim of life and society. It's a team sport where coaches plan to attack and exploit your weakness. It's a game where a person given an opportunity has the chance to " be somebody", to rise up from obscurity and make their name known.

 This Sunday the Raiders have a great opportunity, and they need to exploit it.

 This league with all it's analysis and predictions does'nt believe in you. They dont have faith in you. They said the Raiders won the game against Philly but....

 Bring your faith in something bigger than yourself. In something that through brotherhood can manifest things not seen. Be more than you could have imagined you could be. Stand by your teamates, and when they fall, pick them up. Bonded in unity and faith you can and should "expect" to accomplish you dreams. Show what your made of this Sunday. Your fans collective consciousness is behind you. Buckle up your chinstraps and forget any fears shy of your maker. 53+ faith=1 bad mother