Curbishley. Should He Be Sacked!

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Curbishley. Should He Be Sacked!

Alan Curbishley is a waste of space. I believe he has got to be sacked before West Ham can move up the league. Yes he has had a okay season but is that good enough does a team who has spent over twenty million pounds be doing okay. I think not.

I think West Ham need to get a manager with a lot more flare a lot more vigour because Curbishley is safe. But safe isn't good enough. Tenth in the league just doesn't cut it. A team of West Ham's calibershould not be tenth they should be pushing for UEFA cup places. I think a suitable manager is someone like Avram Grant. Yes he has been sacked by Chelsea but doesn't anyone stop and think about what he did. I think that is suitable for West Ham.

So where do West Ham go from here well they need to stand up and sack Curbishley and bring in a suitable for the job of manager of West Ham united.

West Ham United

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