Ronaldo Angry at Alex Ferguson's Remarks

Jonathon MurphyCorrespondent IJune 6, 2008

After a small war between Real Madrid and Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo has told Ferguson he is not welcome to visit him at Portugal's European Championships football camp.

This is because of what Ferguson said in the battle of whether Ronaldo will stay or move to Madrid.

Speculation started after the Champions League final in Moscow when the headline "We need to win the Champions League again or Ronaldo will go," and the battle has gone on since then.

Many now believe that Ronaldo will move to Spain before next season and the transfer could be anything over 50 millioneven up to 100 Million.

This battle will stop until after the European Championship when speculation will grow.  We could see a large sum of money coming to England and Ronaldo on a flight to Spain.

Manchester United and Premiership fans will surely miss him, but could Ferguson make him stay? We shall find out in the months to come.