Auburn-Arkansas: Tigers Must Earn Their Stripes

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Auburn-Arkansas: Tigers Must Earn Their Stripes order to survive, tigers ambush their prey—they attack them from an unexpected angle and use their strength to knock them off balance.

They prefer to dine on medium-sized herbivores; however, tigers have been known to kill even crocodiles on occasion. 

So, naturally, it wouldn’t be surprising if a tiger were to kill a gator, right?  

Well, just ask Florida. 

With the skill and technique of a true tiger, Auburn stunned the Gators 20-17 in a surprising ambush at Ben-Hill Griffin Stadium two weekends ago. 

The upset undoubtedly breathed new life into the Auburn program, and could be the boost these Tigers needed to prepare for the ultimate battle over their natural environment—the SEC Western Division. 

Just as a wild tiger must compete with others for dominance over a common domain, these Auburn Tigers have to battle a bunch of strong and hungry Tigers from Baton Rouge.  

History says that the winner of the Auburn-LSU game will finish atop the SEC West, with five of the last seven winners booking tickets to Atlanta and the SEC Championship game. 

This ultimate clash of rival Tigers should be awaited with caution, though, because Auburn must first face the team that won the Western division title in the other two of the last seven seasons—the Arkansas Razorbacks. Icon

The Hogs escaped the deadly jowls of the Tigers last year by running out of “The Jungle” on the back of Heisman contender Darren McFadden.

Arkansas will surely look to rely on the same set of legs to avoid becoming the Tigers’ next meal in 2007. 

Auburn’s success rate against Arkansas—the series record is 9-6-1 in favor of Auburn—is substantially higher than a wild tiger’s, about one kill in every 20 hunts. 

However, the Tigers’ lone chance to catch the Hogs this year will come this Saturday in Fayetteville, and they'll have to make the most of it. 

If Auburn wants the ultimate clash against LSU on Oct. 20th to live up to its historical billing, the Tigers will probably have to enter the game with a belly full of bacon.

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