NBA: Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce: An American Hero

William KunkelCorrespondent IJune 6, 2008

What Paul Pierce did last night was the most incredible, courageous thing I have ever seen in sports. 

He put Willis to shame!  He makes me ask the question, GIBSON WHO???   

Ten years from nowno, one year from nowwe will all be talking about how Pierce is such a hero in America, not just in sportsbut a proud American. 

The fact that he was shot in the leg by a sniper in the rafters (how the rifle was smuggled in is a different story) and was able to come back and not miss a shot is one for the ages. 

He is really something special.  His tolerance for pain is second to none. 

Just think, one moment he was on the ground whispering to the trainer that his body was getting cold and he didn't think he could hold onthen he was carried off so the fans didn't have to see their super star go out like that, and he was wheeled into the locker room behind closed doors. 

Less than seven minutes later he RAN out of the locker room.

WOW. Now that is an American hero