Boston Red Sox and Celtics make for dramatic day in Beantown!

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IJune 6, 2008

Coco charges the mound and displayed some great boxing skills with a juke and a great right hook, followed by being taken down by the entire Rays team. Seems he does have some power in that arm, just doesn't show up as much at the plate.

Ellsbury injures his wrist on a diving catch which could cause some problems to the Red Sox outfield now with Manny as DH and Coco probably receiving a suspension.
Kevin Youklis and Manny "Begin Manny" Ramirez getting into a scuffle in the dugout over what some are saying was about Manny not running out fast enough to defend Coco Crisp.

Drama in Boston makes me smile. I would like to be the one to help put all this news into the forefront as the media does with all Yankees drama. Not all is well in Boston as they would like to have you believe.

Injuries to the pitching staff, outfield, suspensions and Big Papi lead to me believe that June should be a tough month for the Sox and hopefully allowing the Yankees to begin their summer run.

Of course Boston fans will remind me that the Celtics took game one of the Finals on the same day as all the Red Sox drama. To that I say its a seven game series and the Celtics won a close game while Kobe did not play as himself. Just wait till Kobe goes off! I originally said Lakers in 5, I will have to admit my mistake and say Lakers in 6.

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