College Football: Another Visit To Midnight At The Oasis

BabyTateSenior Writer IOctober 24, 2009

With week three underway for Friday Midnight Madness, let's roll with the questions to drive you mad.

1. Who is Hart Lee Dykes?

2. For what school did Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy play quarterback?

3.  Who was the coach Tommy Tuberville replaced when he took over at Auburn in 1999? A) Tommy Bowden; B) Terry Bowden; C) Pat Dye; D) None Of Those Listed

4. Who was the head coach at Miami when the Hurricanes won the BCS Title?

5. For what school did Georgia head coach Mark Richt play quarterback?

6. Fielding "Hurry-Up" Yosts' 28-year head coaching career at four different schools resulted in only one losing season and 34 total losses. Woody Hayes' 28-year head coaching career at Ohio State resulted in two losing seasons and 61 total losses. True or False?

7. Who was the losing head coach in the first ever Liberty Bowl?

8.  List the number of (Div.I) National Championship seasons earned by each coach.

Urban Meyer          

Nick Saban

Steve Spurrier

Dennis Erickson

Jim Tressel