Whitaker's Week 7 NFL Picks

Nolan HackContributor IOctober 24, 2009

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 18:  Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons against the Chicago Bears at Georgia Dome on October 18, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Packers @ Cleveland Browns -

Packers LT Chad Clifton is going to miss another game this Sunday, therefore Browns OLB Kamerion Wimbley and Co. will get to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers making it a closer game then you would think.  With the Dawg Pound being behind the Browns will help as well, the Packers are just too talented on both ends compared to one of the least talented teams in the NFL the Cleveland Browns.

My Pick - Packers

49ers @ Houston Texans -

The Texans are a straight out topsy turvy team, you just don't know which Texan team will show up each week.  This Niner team on the other hand has played consistently well on the road this season, and coming off their worst game in of the season and a bye week, the Niners will be much more focused.  Especially Pro Bowl corner Nate Clements who had his worst game of his NFL career 2 weeks ago.  Who now faces hands down the best WR in the NFL in Andre Johnson, Clements for some reason has a knack for coming back from bad games, and usually showing up against the better WRs in the League.  The Niners also get the best WR in the '09 Draft in Michael Crabtree, and their best offensive weapon in RB Frank Gore.  The Texans have been horrible to say the least in stopping the run, and the Niners are one of the best run teams in the NFL when they have Gore in the backfield.  With all that and Niner QB Shaun Hill also coming off the worst game of his career, getting Crabtree and having 2 weeks to shake off the cobwebs, the Niners should be much more sound offensively and defensively, while the Texans go back to being a topsy turvey team once again.

My Pick - 49ers

Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs -

This may be the game LaDainian Tomlinson finally breaks out.  I say that because if a slower Clinton Portis can break off a career high 78 yard run, as bad as Portis was struggling, LT should be fine in KC this weekend.  That as well as QB Phillip Rivers given more time with LT taking the pressure off of Rivers.  Don't be surprised if the Chargers put up 30 plus in KC.

My Pick - Chargers in a blowout

Colts @ St. Louis Rams -

Ok so you have the worst team in the NFL going against Peyton Manning and Dwight Freeney and Co., um yeah I'll take the road team in this one.

My Pick - Colts in a blowout

Bucs vs. Pats -

Tom Brady's getting his legs back under him for sure, that's what happens when you throw 6 TD's, let alone in the snow.  And the Bucs are one of the worst teams in the NFL in defending the deep ball, Brady has WR Randy Moss on his team, so the Pats will of course do everything they can to exploit that over, in London.

My Pick - Pats in a blowout

Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers -

This is the marquee matchup this week in the NFL.  The problem for the Vikes Sunday will be reigning Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes running lose, unless they double him, which would leave WR Hines Ward to run lose.  I say this because Pro Bowl corner Antoine Winfield will miss this game with a foot injury.  So as powerful as the Viking offense is, it won't be able to keep up with the defending Champs.

My Pick - Pittsburgh

Bills @ Carolina Panthers -

The Panthers running game is finally on track, which shows you how mind boggling it is that is took this long.  The Panthers offense is now very simple, run the ball as much as possible and take the ball out of QB Jake Dellhome's hands.  The Bills have the worst run defense in the NFL, and the Panthers have the best RB in the NFL (outside of that guy in Minnesota of course), oh and they have a pretty talented number 2 in Johnathan Stewart.  Both D-Will and J-Stew went for over a 100 last week against the Bucs, they should do even better against the Bills.

My Pick - Carolina in a blowout

Jets @ Oakland Raiders -

The Jets lost Pro Bowl DT Kris Jenkins for the season, but their still playing the Raiders, who have more trouble winning 2 straight games then the Rams do trying to find a legit buyer to buy their team.  The Jets are finally running the ball they way we thought they would coming into this season and now they play a team that Jets RB Thomas Jones ran for 159 yards against, and the game was in Oakland no less.  Add that to the fact the Jets have one of the best pass defenses in the NFL vs. the least accurate QB in the NFL (Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell), the Jets should pull this one out, and get revenge in the city where a then Brett Favre led Jet team lost to the Raiders, in Overtime last season.

My Pick - Jets

Bears @ Cincinatti Bengals -

Cinci will go into this game without a man who as been their star defensive player this season in Antwan Odom (and for the rest of the year with an Achilles injury).  That loss will make it that much easier for Jay Cutler to manipulate a defense that can't cover the deep ball (or even at times cover fast skill players in space) and with Bears WR Devin Hester's unbeatable speed that should cause major problems all day, for Cinci.

My Pick - Bears

Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys -

Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith has installed toughness and grit into a very young defensive front, and however out manned they seem this season, they have been able to get it done, especially against the run.  Last week they shut down one of the best RBs in the game in Matt Forte, this week they get a less talented, but every dangerous Marion 'The Barbarian' Barber, as well as quick footed Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, but with the problems that Dallas passing game has had this season, and the fact that Cowboy LT Flozell Adams has had a horrible season up to this point, it should make for a huge day for Pro Bowl DE John Abraham and the Falcon front 7 to limit QB Tony Romo's time in the pocket.  As well as Dallas's ability to put points up on the board.

My Pick - Falcons

Saints @ Miami Dolphins -

The Dolphins have one of the slowest defenses in the NFL.  The Saints have one of the quickest armed QB's in the NFL.  Along with the already very dangerous matchup nightmare that Saint WR Devery Henderson gives the slow safeties of Miami (FS Gibril Wilson/SS Yeremiah Bell).  As effective as Miami's 'Wildcat' might be against a much improved Saint defense, it won't matter since, Drew Brees will be licking his chops, at the idea of spreading the snail like defense of the Dolphins all over the field.

My Pick - Saints

Cardinals @ New York Giants -

As long as the Giants don't turn the ball over and make any big mistakes, they should win this game some what easily.  The Giant defense is pretty ticked off at the fact they just got humiliated in New Orleans last weekend, and will be looking to get back on track, especially since that defense plays so well at The Medowlands.  While the offense should have it's way with a weak Cardinal defense.  The Cards have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL, and Giants QB Eli Manning has been having a Pro Bowl season up to this point.  With the Giants passing game has been clicking on all cylinders, so has backup RB Ahmad Bradshaw, who has been averaging over 6 yards per carry, and has 3 TD's in his last 2 games.  Even if the high powered Cards passing attack moves the ball it will be vulnerable all day long, with their weak offensive line going against the best DE combo in the NFL (Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck).  The Cards have been blown out the last 2 times they've been to The Medowlands, this time may not be any different.

My Pick - New York Football Giants in a blowout

Eagles @ Washington D.C.

Whoever is calling the plays for Washington, will have to leave extra blockers to off-set their crumbling offensive line (their best pass blocker LT Chris Samuels, just retired with a spine injury/RG Randy Thomas is out for the season with a triceps injury), and Pro Bowl DE Trent Cole's lightning quick pass rush ability.  Both of these team's defenses are pretty good, but again Washington's weak offense will be the difference in this game, and even if there are extra blockers left behind, it will just leave Jason Campbell more time to throw to...?  WR Santana Moss, you can cover him with Eagle corner Sheldon Brown or just double him.  Anyone else...?  What about Chris Cooley, yeah um he's a TE.  So where's the home run threat or big play ability going to come from?...  Uh huh didn't think so.

My Pick - Eagles