Let's Rank 'Em! Top 25 NCAA Running Backs Entering Week Eight

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Let's Rank 'Em! Top 25 NCAA Running Backs Entering Week Eight
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This college football season has seen quite a few great running backs. Some that have the knack for the end zone like Oregon State’s Jacquizz Rodgers, Stanford’s Toby Gerhart, or Virginian Tech’s Ryan Williams. Other great running backs have the ability to rack up all those rushing yards. The yard-racker-uppers include Alabama’s Mark Ingram, Pittsburgh’s Dion Lewis, and Fresno State’s Ryan Mathews. In my opinion, and in this order, here’s the top 25 NCAA running backs that have played so far this season. My opinions change every week, so don’t get too angry if your favorite running back isn’t as high as you want him to be.



2. Dion Lewis (Pittsburgh): 918 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns

3. Ryan Williams (Virginia Tech): 834 rushing yards, 10 touchdowns

4. Ryan Mathews (Fresno State): 974 rushing yards, 7 touchdowns

5. Mark Ingram (Alabama): 905 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns

6. Montel Harris (Boston College): 756 rushing yards, 10 touchdowns

7. Darius Marshall (Marshall): 819 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns

8. Ben Tate (Auburn): 856 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns

9. Noel Devine (West Virginia): 734 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns

10. Alexander Robinson (Iowa State): 737 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns

11. Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State): 697 rushing yards, 13 touchdowns

12. John Clay (Wisconsin): 716 rushing yards, 7 touchdowns

13. Anthony Dixon (Mississippi State): 696 rushing yards, 7 touchdowns

14. Daniel Thomas (Kansas State): 669 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns

15. Montario Hardesty (Tennessee): 672 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns

16. Lance Dunbar (North Texas): 623 rushing yards, 10 touchdowns

17. Ralph Bolden (Purdue): 642 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns

18. Evan Royster (Penn State): 641 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns

19. Brandon West (Western Michigan): 630 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns

20. Robert Turbin (Utah State): 640 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns

21. Roy Helu Jr. (Nebraska): 620 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns

22. Andre Dixon (Connecticut): 616 rushing yards, 7 touchdowns

23. Jahvid Best (California): 616 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns

24. Donald Buckram (UTEP): 618 rushing yards, 6 touchdowns

25. Seth Smith (New Mexico State): 598 rushing yards, 1 touchdown 


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