NYI Fan Central 6/6 coverage: Rookie game, Hodgson, Katic, Enforcers & Johnson

NYI Fan CentralSenior Analyst IJune 6, 2008


NYI Fan Central looks at the early updates for 6/6 that include the following:

* The Isles prospects for the second year in a row playing the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds in a rookie game, with former UNB star Rob Hennigar now under contract to New York.   

* A few words from prospect Cody Hodgson who could go in the top ten picks with his comments on the NHL combine and the upcoming NHL draft who interviewed with the Isles.  

* An editorial on the NHL off-season beginning with speculation that Islander defensive prospect Mark Katic should have a decent shot at cracking the lineup and is ranked as the team's fifth best prospect?

* The Isles enforcer list from five to one is released but the story being the team using youtube.com highlights?

* A full blog and review of defenseman Aaron Johnson's season.