Hey Matt Hardy, How About Having an WWE OMEGA Stable?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2009

As most wrestling fans know by now, Matt and Jeffy Hardy owned and ran a Pro wrestling organization known as OMEGA which stands for organization of modern extreme grappling arts. Many current and former WWE talents got their start with the Hardys in OMEGA.

At one point there were five OMEGA alums in WWE at the same time, Matt, Jeff, Shannon Moore, Gregory “Shane” Helms and Joey Mercury. So I ask, why did WWE miss out on the opportunity to have a naturally formed stable. Having these five guys, who have wrestled together for over a decade all be in one stable would have been great for the WWE.

Guys like Mercury and Moore weren’t recognized for their excellent talent while performing in the WWE despite having the experience and skill. I think the WWE should bring back Shannon, Joey and Jeff all at once and form the OMEGA stable. They would be the most popular stable in the WWE by far.

Everyone loves Matt and Jeff, people seem to want the Hurricane to have more success and Joey and Shannon need to be back in the WWE. They could feud with Legacy or any number of other wrestler in the WWE, they could even be on separate brands and just appear on the other shows as stable members.

The WWE had the opportunity to have a very lucrative stable of wrestlers and they missed out, maybe in the future we will have a chance of seeing these guys together again.