Who or what caused the NFL to Jump the Shark? Was it Goodell or London?

Steve DuranContributor IOctober 23, 2009


There is an old saying in television, it's called, "Jumping the Shark." Fonzie jumped a shark while wearing his leather jacket and from that point forward the show stopped being relavent. Granted it was a long spiral down, but most assuredly the direction was down.

It does appear that moment in time for the NFL is approaching. The NFL, the Players, and the Agents are acting as if the bar is still open during the worst economic down turn since the Great Depression and the NFL continues to charge astronomical prices for both attending a game or watching on its own version of pay per-view.

In retrospect it will ultimately be analyzed the new Commissioner of the NFL was so out of touch with its American Fan Base, he placed short term profit opportunities above the health and integrity of the game itself. Removing the core audience from a spectator sport is suicide.

I still hope the Owners of the NFL Teams can prevent an ill advised expansion to London, but ultimately greed will win out. Goodbye NFL, it's going to be a long, slow, ugly death, first with the team in London, then the backlash, then more teams seeking promises of riches outside our border. All the while the burdens of travel and scheduling weigh on budgets of teams and the patience of fans.

Ever more imposing avenues of income will invade our stadiums and player uniforms will look more like a Sunday coupon page than a uniform.

Indeed, ultimately it will be argued if the Shark Jump occurred when the London expansion was announced or when Roger Goodell became Commissioner?